Design IT Strategy

Opdrachtgever: IT Manager
Doelgroep: IT Professionals


The RIPE NCC asked Management Expedition to guide a workshop. Our brief was to facilitate communication among representatives from the different technical departments, to create energy, and to gear the process towards a set of tangible results.

The goal for the strategy workshop, as defined by the IT manager, was for everyone involved to provide input in defining a list of key high-level strategy points for core IT services for the coming 3-5 years.
This list would then be sent on to Senior Management for further consideration.


The RIPE NCC’s IT department provides essential infrastructure and services to the rest of the organisation and the community it serves.

Over de opdracht

The key challenge the team faces is to ensure that the services it offers continue to operate at peak efficiency as the technologies upon which they rely, and also the organisation itself, continue to evolve. The vision and expertise required for this comes from the experts in the team itself and other technical departments.

To meet the needs of the RIPE NCC, we developed an approach that involved both a brainstorming and a judgement phase. Dividing the team into smaller groups, we guided them through a series of exercises aimed at generating ideas and setting priorities.


The result: the team devised, discussed, and reached consensus on five key strategy points. In feedback for the event, participants noted that they felt motivated and that they’d gotten much more out of the workshop than they’d expected.

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