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RIPE NCC asked Management Expedition to help them to get to know each other better, improve mutual trust and to learn how to effectively communicate and cooperate, in particular in conflict situations.


The RIPE NCC has a Middle Management (MM) team of fourteen department managers. A few years ago, they decided to organise regular meetings to exchange information about ongoing projects, discuss issues and share ideas, which go beyond the individual departments.

Over de opdracht

The main goal of this team is to learn how they can maximise their influence on the overall management of the RIPE NCC.

Though the managers are very aware that good cooperation is essential to contribute to the overall RIPE NCC organisation, conflicts sometimes arise due to differences of interests of the individual departments.

We have developed an approach in two workshops in which we got to understand each other better with the help of personality tests (Insights Discovery® profiles). In the second workshop we worked on how personalities in general and the team in particular cope with situations when pressure is on.


The result was that mutual understanding of how different personalities interact, helped a lot in sorting out situations with differences.

A big insight was that some conflicts are not personal but are very explainable when you understand each others’ drives and values. These differ when you have a different type of personality. For example: an introvert thinking type values accuracy and reliability more than an extravert feeling type that goes for creativity and cooperation.

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Change Workshop

We zetten onze expertise om tot echte gedragsverandering en effect te komen ook graag in bij workshops. Een doordacht ontwerp, start van de Change vóór de heisessie en een doortastende houding met wat humor zijn onze ingrediënten om bij jouw team iets te veranderen.